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Hello! I'm Omar, and I help data-intensive companies be smarter and go faster by leveraging data, cloud, software, and Machine Learning.

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Omar Trejo Navarro

Client Reviews

As a client of mine you get top quality solutions and you get them fast. We will work together using Agile values and principles to converge to value.

"Omar is one of the most professional and highly skilled engineers I have ever worked with in my 20 years delivering technology. His role was Lead Architect and Data Scientist on a program to develop a custom Machine Learning Platform for a top 10 global telecom client. The work he delivered exceeded client expectations and has been a foundation for our clients ML journey for the next few years."

John Liang

"Omar is a dedicated professional that knows how to get things done. He was a pleasure to work with and is incredibly capable and helpful. Hire him whenever you need something done right, or when you need something impossible pulled out of a hat. He is a life saving wizard... He will cast a spell and make results magically appear! Trust me on this one."

Sydney University

"First time request with a large budget. Omar was excellent as always. He was quick to understand the brief. Came back very quickly with interim results of his work for review, was flexible on time for video calls and delivered as requested on time and budget. Hugely impressed and will use again. Many thanks Omar!"

Johan Palmberg
World Gold Council

You can find more client reviews in my Codementor Profile.

What are Smart Platforms?

Smart Platforms (SPs) combine software, data, cloud, and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance your team's performance. Companies making periodic decisions based on data, can leverage smart automation to improve those decisions.


SPs often make better decisions than humans for complex problems with lots of data. Do you need to constantly make complex decisions?

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SPs can produce hundreds of decisions per second for a given problem. Do you need to constantly make fast decisions?

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SPs can be seen as black boxes at times but they don't always have to be. Do you need to understand each decision?

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SPs can update themselves with the latest data. Do you need to stop wasting time on things that can be automated?

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SPs can be scaled to serve very large workloads. Do you need to constantly produce large numbers of decisions?

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SPs continuously evolve based on new data and human feedback. Do you need your decisions to be continuously improved?

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Can we leverage them?

You've hired smart people and you generate a lot of data but everyone is frustrated by how slow and incorrect insights are. Business blames analysis, analysis blames technology, and everyone blames management.

I can help you understand where better strategies, processes, techniques, and tools can enhance your teams.

What changes for us?

At a high-level, it's a shift in thinking. Your teams will stop thinking of decisions as batches supported by spreadsheets and will think of them as automated streams. Your governance model will change as you redefine success and risk.

I'll work with your business, analysis, and technology teams to introduce the shift in thinking and coach them throughout.

Won't my people be upset?

Only if you don't involve them. If you tell them what you are doing and involve them in defining and shaping the new way of thinking they will come up with ideas you would never have thought of, and will more easily embrace the change.

Smart people want to do valuable work, not busy-work that can be automated, and I will help them do just that.

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Why are Smart Platforms used?

Smart Platforms, including those using AI and ML, can provide significant value by letting computers do work that can be automated and letting humans do creative thinking.


Strategic Value

"93% of companies believe they will receive strategic value from AI."BCG


Growth Goals

"84% of C-levels believe AI is necessary to achieve growth goals."Accenture


Reduced Risk

"76% of C-level executives believe they need AI to stay in business."Gartner


Increased ROI

"AI increases ROI over other techniques in 69% of use cases."McKinsey


Fast Payback

"AI projects give companies an average payback period of 6 months."IBM



"33% of executives say AI will transform their business within 3 years." Deloitte

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I appreciate receiving any comments, questions, or content requests you may have.

How are Smart Platforms built?

Building Smart Platforms requires knowledge in different types of engineering as well as on the problems being solved. That's why we will work very closely.

Valuable Strategy

Do you have a strong valuable strategy? Why are you building this? Why is it needed? Is it that bad if you don't actually build this?

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Efficient Management

Can you manage complex projects? Do you understand the underlying concepts? How can you make the most of everyone's time?

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Agile & Lean

Do you have a fast team? Do you continuously deploy? Do you often check for value? Do you feel comfortable under uncertainty?

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Machine Learning

Do you know what ML models are the best fit for your problem? Do you know their trade-offs? Do you know how much data you need?

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Data Pipelines

Do you know how to increase the potential of your data? Do you know how to efficiently and securely move data around?

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Cloud Infrastructure

Do you know which cloud services are the best fit for your problems? Can you easily setup, secure, and update cloud architectures?

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Do you know what databases are the best fit for your problem? Do you know how to setup and and use those databases efficiently?

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Backend Services

Can you easily build and connect the different parts of your architecture? Are you able to setup robust endpoints efficiently?

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Frontend Clients

Are your target users able to easily and securely consume data and ML outputs? Can you build intuitive user experiences?

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