Are we a good fit for each other?

As a client of mine you get top quality solutions and you get them fast. We will work together using Agile values and principles to converge to value.

My clients' characteristics

  • Have clear business objectives and related success metrics.
  • Have support from their business and technology leadership.
  • Are comfortable with remote work and async communication.
  • Have smart committed teams who appreciate radical candor.
  • Have processes that require complex periodic decisions.
  • Want to grow solutions and not risk big-bang projects.
  • Value quality over speed, and speed over price.
  • Value return-on-investment over price.

My clients' needs and desires

  • Increase the company value by leveraging its data.
  • Achieve competitive advantage by using ML, AI, and SPs.
  • Make better, faster, and more transparent decisions using data.
  • Empower their teams to do valuable work instead of busy-work.
  • Reduce operational costs by leveraging smart automation.
  • Increase their team's knowledge and analytical maturity.
  • Improve data management to enable self-service teams.
  • Leverage clouds to trade large CapEx for small OpEx.

Questions my clients initially had

  • Why all the hype around Machine Learning and and Big Data?
  • How do we know if our data has enough business value?
  • How much will our Smart Platform cost to operate?
  • How will my team leverage our Smart Platform?
  • How much data will we need and how often?
  • How do we reduce the project's risk?
  • How do we ensure data security?

Why my clients like working with me

  • I do strategy, design, implementation, and management.
  • I am comfortable working with technical and business teams.
  • I can simplify complex concepts for business decision making.
  • I help client teams make the most out of the solutions we build.
  • I work using an OKRs system that focuses on business value.
  • I work using fixed-price projects with shared risks/rewards.
  • I work by myself so I am very fast and can adapt quickly.

Some of my believes

  • Time is the most important resource we have.
  • Most decisions and processes can be improved with data.
  • Radical candor is always the best communication strategy.
  • Smart technology allows us to focus on what is important.
  • You don't have to be a top tech company to leverage SPs.

Some personal facts

  • Background in Mathematics and Economics.
  • I enjoy writing books and producing courses about SPs.
  • National Data Science Champion (Presidential Office, 2014).
  • Kolmogorov's National Mathematics Contest, 8th Place (2008).
  • Have been programming and playing with data since I was a kid.

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To make sure the call is valuable for you, send me an email with answers to the questions below and I'll send you back a link where you can easily schedule our call.

You don't have to have completely clear answers to all of them since we'll work through the gaps together, but the better the answers the better I can prepare to make the most of our call.

About yourself:

  • What's your name?
  • What's your company's website?
  • What is your position in the company?
  • Have you worked on ML/AI/SP projects before?
  • What questions would you like answered during our call?

About your business objective:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve it?
  • What if you do not achieve it?
  • How do you want to achieve it?
  • By when do you want to achieve it?
  • Why focus on this now and not later?
  • How will you know you have achieved it?
  • How would you like me to help you achieve it?
  • What the best possible scenario you expect?
  • What potential risks should we look out for?

About me:

  • Why work with me?
  • How did you find me?

First we make sure the project makes sense for you from a business perspective, meaning that we agree on business objectives and what success metrics will let us know we have achieved them.

Once we start the project, we go through the following stages while we periodically monitor success metrics to iterate and adjust as needed.

  • 1. Discovery
    • Brainstorming
    • Requirements
    • Technical OKRs
  • 2. Strategy
    • Architecture
    • Functionality
    • Performance
  • 3. Demonstration
    • Proof of value
    • Integration
    • Metrics
  • 4. Deployment
    • Automation
    • Monitoring
    • Pipelines
  • 5. Transfer
    • Best practices
    • Documentation
    • Videos

I'd describe my knowledge as being broader rather than deep, which means I can help with a wide variety of topics, including technical and strategic ones, but if you need very deep expertise on a rather niche subject I may not the right fit for you.

Of course "deep expertise" is relative to what you're trying to achieve. I've been coaching and teaching experts in highly technical topics for years, so I may be able to help out with your project.

At a high-level, engineering areas I work on include:

  • Machine Learning
  • Web Applications
  • Cloud
  • Data

Having said that, the best way to find out if I can help with what you need is to reach out and send me the details of what you're looking for. I'll be transparent on whether I would be a good fit or not, and possibly recommend someone who may be a better fit.

I use fixed prices with shared risks and rewards for all my projects.

I do not provide time-based prices (e.g. hourly rates) because doing so produces bad incentives: the slower I am the more I get paid, which is crazy. I want to get payed for being effective and efficient. Not for wasting your time. That's why I don't do time-based pricing.

Furthermore, using time-based pricing puts the risk on you to closely manage time to control your costs. What happens if unexpected things come up? You end up paying for them. Fixed pricing with shared risks and rewards puts the risk on me, the expert. If I don't produce valuable results fast my profits evaporate, and I can even end up with losses (which sadly has happened before).

Yes. These can work very well in a variety of cases where full projects are not needed but having occasional technical and strategic conversations would be valuable.

You may also be interested in joining the Smart Community where you can receive answers to your Smart Platform questions through Slack and occasional group calls for a monthly subscription.

In most cases it is not necessary. I work remotely and that works just fine for the vast majority of projects. However, if your particular case would benefit from sporadically meeting in person with you and your team, I'd be happy to do so once we kick-off the project and setup a reimbursement mechanism.

Yes. I treat these as standard projects in the sense that we will define business objectives and related success metrics, and will iteratively make sure your team performs well under those success metrics to ensure your company has a great ROI.

You may also be interested in the Smart Platforms content network. In there you'll find blogs, videos, courses, and books, for business and technical audiences, that will help your team think strategically and understand the ins-and-outs of building Smart Platforms.

Yes. I often help companies with their own clients. In these cases I work as a subcontractor for your project and will represent your company when interacting with your client.

All other parts of my practice still apply. That is, I will still require clear business objectives with related success metrics before we start working together, and will use fixed-pricing between us (even if you use time-based pricing with your client), among other things.

Yes. I'm happy to refer potential clients to other established experts who may be a better fit than me for a project (e.g. interests, skill sets, or timing). Send me an email and I'll add you to my list of experts after we have a call just to make sure I'm not wasting anyone's time.

I can't speak about most client projects due to NDAs, but I can tell you that I'm currently building the following tools and services.

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